Cantilever rack is known for storing long or bulky items such as piping, sheet metal, and lumber. It’s certainly not known for a fast-paced, high-throughput operation such as found in e-commerce storage and distribution.

It’s time to look at cantilever rack in a different way. The two cantilever rack storage solutions described below are very innovative spins on this product and allows it to excel as a storage solution for e-commerce distribution centers.

Add Wire Deck to Cantilever Rack for High-Density Storage

If you’re storing light-duty items such as clothing, shoes, or small cartons (among many others), this solution is a huge space-saver.

Outfitting cantilever rack with wire decking is as simple as placing the wire deck onto the arm supports. The uprights are flipped 90 degrees, so they go down aisle instead of cross-aisle. The addition of the wire decking creates a continuous shelf with no frontal obstructions that allow for items varying in weight to be placed anywhere onto the system.